Hi! I've been lurking around for a while but I finally decided to join! My youngest daughter has curly hair, not kinky curly but little ringlets. It is starting to get a little frizzy around the top of her head. I need to know what products to get for her hair and how to use them. I do not want to order anything right now but would rather pick them up at a store. I have a Walmart, Target and CVS. I was reading about the co-washing and also about the Giovanni cond. and also about making a spritz with Aloe. Please tell me more about how to care for her hair. I'm very new to curls. I have hair that is only curly underneath and have never been able to do anything with it. So I wear a pony tail everyday! Thanks for helping a newbie! I cannot get the pic to re-size! I'm so sorry that it is huge!!!!!!

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