an easy pasta dish is a baked ziti..

all you need is a box of ziti (1lb. box feeds approx. 4 people)
at least one 28oz jar of sauce
and a 16oz. bag of shredded mozz cheese

just cook the pasta for a minute or two less than the box says, add it to a large oven safe bowl, stir in sauce, stir in some cheese, and top with remaining mozz cheese

put some foil over it and put it in an oven at 350 for twenty minutes, remove foil and let stay in oven approx another 10 minutes or until cheese is all melted..

***notes: add more or less sauce depending on preference, but do know that the pasta will absorb a nice amount of the sauce when it is in the oven.. you may also want more or less cheese depending on pesonal taste..

all you need to go with this is some garlic bread and a salad or your favorite veggie