Banding has really helped me avoid the worst of the tangles. Highly recommend it. It was strange, I had less tangles when I took out the bands than when I put them in. I was using banding to avoid further tangles and decided not to thoroughly detangle beforehand as I was being lazy. I figured I wouldn't have any new tangles but I still would have the original ones, but nope, somehow it actually made detangling the original tangles easier too or made them disappear or something.

Some tips you probably already know:
1. Start from the ends and work your way up, I am really bad about wish bone detangling which only creates more tangles.

2. Apparently the longer hair gets the better it is to detangle dry or at least not soaking wet.

3. But if your hair is still short, wet hair with conditioner in it is very helpful, makes tangles melt.

4. Detangle the worst of the tangles before you wet your hair completely. Didn't do this one time and got a huge loc I just ended up having to cut. If you do decide to put hair away for a month in twists whatever you do make sure you detangle and remove shed hair after taking twists down before shampooing. Otherwise, Lock city.

5. Put hair into sections with ponytail holders. It's kind of like when I had to read an assigned book I marked sections to tackle and it made it seem more manageable than one big book. You feel proud when you have finished 5 whole sections and can see you only have 3 sections to go.

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