I think my grays (about 50% of my head) are the same as the rest of my hair.

SBB and jeepcurlygurl, I swear you inspire me. I am so tired of coloring my hair and you both look so fabulous with your natural gray.

(Just went to a seminar at lunch today about living with more authenticity... Accepting my gray seems like a good place to start, huh?)
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jillipoo - You have just expressed here my reasons for letting my grey hair do its thing - authenticity. Besides, at 46 years of age, I feel as if I have earned every grey hair I have.

And I have to echo your sentiments concerning my 2 grey hair idols, SBB and jeepcurlygurl. You ladies look fabulous and continue to be an inspiration to me personally, and many other nc members.

The more fine greys are coming in in the front hairline. I suppose the hairs are normally more fine there anyways. Most of the other greys throughout the rest of my head do come in looking a little wild. They don't want to curl right away, until they get at least 2 inches long or so, so they do end up sticking out straight almost and not blending in with the rest of their neighbors. Those one's do not feel coarse, more medium like the rest of my head.

Getting enough moisture to my hair has been my biggest issue lately. I notice as I sprout more greys, they do seem to require more and seemingly constant moisture to keep them happy. I just feel like my hair is going through some rapid changes lately, and I strongly suspect my hormones. Ugh.