That is absolutely excellent. What a keeper you've got there, desert flower!

My guy is similar, and I just love it. Yesterday, he said, "Your hair is so curly today! And no frizz! You must have used your kinky swirly curly custard!"

You have to love a man like this. It means he's been listening. And caring. Wow.

(I love the curlyq site, though. That's pretty awesome.)
Originally Posted by jillipoo
I just totally laughed out loud at that one.

My SO tries to still listen about my hair but I'm sure I've bored him to death with it by now. He pretends though and doesn't tease when ANOTHER package comes in the mail. And he does comment on particularly good hair days. In fact this morning he said he wanted to stay home from work because my hair smelled so good...too bad he couldn't
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