I posted this as part of another discussion, but I think I have it in the wrong spot so I'm copying it here. Sorry if any on sees it in the other place!

I just joined today, but have been trying to figure out a plan for my hair care by using this site for the last 6 weeks. It is not going well.

I have very fine hair, but a lot of it--like my ponytail is 3-3.5 ". My hair is wavy/slightly curly (the longest pieces will create a large ringlet at the end). It think it is porous because it feels a little bumpy when I move my finger up the strand, and it doesn't seem to break when I stretched it. It takes forever to dry. I let it air dry everyday and it takes hours. Humidity makes it puff up, I actually like it better when it is humid. During the winter it looks blah.

I don't know if it's my cut or my products, but I am forever battling the triangle hair demon. I recently had my long layered hair (it was to the bottom of my shoulder blade) cut with more layers since the hairstylist said it looked like I had a pyramid on my head and hat head since the crown was barely wavy.

Now the longest part is just below my shoulders when dry and the crown is 7.5". All this cut did is add volume to my hair. Yes, it doesn't look like a pyramid, but the crown still looks even straighter. The shorter my hair gets the more volume it gets and less like a triangle, but more straight as well. I would like it to be curlier but not a curly triangle with a straight crown, so I guess my first question is does any one have any ideas on a good cut for me? I will return with my product questions because that is going even worse. Please help me!!! I beg you curly mavens with all the expertise!