[Don't want to be harsh, but I'm not sure if you've read the threads in the newby forum, or just what you've been doing on the site for the last six weeks.]

I have been trying to digest all of the overwhelming information on this site. I have read the newby stuff which is why I was trying to eliminate sulfates and cones and why I have tried the conditioner washes. I'm just really confused as to why doing these things would cause more frizz and crunchy dryness.

As for needing more info on my hair, I know I didn't post a picture, but I tried to give all the information I could. I just can't post a picture for a bit. I had just read the newby thread about elasticity, porosity, and texture, and gleaned from that thread that those were more important info than the curl type. The best I can give you on that without a picture is wavy/slightly big curl. I don't know that I fit into any of the descriptions of curl types perfectly. I'd say I was a 2b/c except that I have a lot of very fine hair and 2b/c have a medium to coarse texture. I really couldn't decide what i was.

There are so many products on this site, and I have pruchased so many failures in the last month and a half that I thought I needed some advice. Obviously, based on my performance, I don't know what to buy. Do I need heavier conditoners since the suave co-wash made my hair feel dry, frizzy, and tangled? Any suggestions as to what to try?

As for not using styling products, I don't because I don't know where to begin. Do I use a cream or a mousse? I'm thinking a cream, but seriously, I don't know what to think anymore. Literally, tears are coming to my eyes when I think about making another failing decision about what products to use. Just a few suggestions might help me. I know I need to read the book and I'm hoping to get it soon, but what do I do right now?