[My hair tends to look pyramidish if I don't use products with enough weight. Rich, creamy conditioners and plenty of moisture really make the biggest difference for me.]

So what are these products with weight that you use, and what are the rich conditioners that you like?
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Well, since you asked, mind you that I'm not CG or mod right now so I have no problem with 'cones. I really like Aussie products. I try to use the ones that have aloe and jojoba oil. The conditioners are really rich and do help to weigh my hair down. I like Garnier Fructis leave-in curl cream. Coconut oil mixed with a bit of conditioner (any condish I happen to have) and used for a leave-in will make my hair shiny, soft, and curl without frizz. Coconut oil left on dry hair - I can't mix it in my wet hair unless I mix it with conditioner first - overnight makes a big difference in how dry my hair is. Olive oil or mineral oils are too heavy and too hard to get out. Honey is too sticky and doesn't work for me. I try to avoid proteins unless it's collagen and only if I need a treatment. It's just a matter of trying different products and then sticking with what works. I also know that I can have good hair with my Aussie products. They're cheap and smell good too.