Go to your hairdresser and get a trim, then try to grow it longer. I say this only because this is what I am doing as well.

Is the model in picture #28 from the JC Penney flyers? I just cut her picture out yesterday to save it for my hair file.
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Yep, that's her! I took that pic too.

Well, it is a bit shorter but much better shaped now. I had some dry ends anyway, gotta grow out the dry New Mexico-parched ends. I actually took my CK and gel and let her style it too. She did a pretty good job, but I don't know if I'll wait until I style it myself to post pics. :P

We talked about growing it out a little since it's shaped better now. We'll see... I can't go too long or I feel like Cousin It (munsters, dating myself here).

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