It's the styling products that are going to enhance the waves/curls and help hold back the frizz (once your hair is in good condition.) You haven't said how often you are washing your hair or if your leaving conditioner in your hair. If you're washing more then once a week--I'd cut back. Curly hair does need moisture, but once the humidity starts--you need to be careful. The AO conditioners are VERY moisturizing. I wet, use a rinse out and style everyday--I can only use my AO conditioners two times per week.

My hair likes the more natural products, such as those in my signature. I cowashed for six months and then switched to cleansing with natural soap bars every three days. My hair likes that better. Right now, I do the rinse out, a leave in, curl enhancer and gel every day. It may change as the weather changes--I at least lighten up the products as the weather gets more humid. I apply all my styling products using mysteryflavored's technique:

It looks like you're using drugstore products, so I can't help you there since I don't use them very much.

It's hard to advise you about products because you're reporting all the hair textures. If most of your hair is fine, you probably want to add some protein to your hair routine--in products or treatments (if you do treatments, you may want to moisturize after.)

PS. I never used anything but shampoo/conditioner until 8/07 when I added gel. The stylers came in 1/08. It's really not that difficult once you get the hang of it.
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