Thanks for the replies. I'm only using drugstore stuff because I was afraid to choose out of the hundreds of stuff available off this site. Before I tried to get rid of the sulfates & cones I was using salon purchased products from my stylist (ISO). Seeing as how I have chosen everything possibly wrong that I could recently, I'm not sure how I could do any better on the internet. I feel that I might as well close my eyes and point.

I saw that there were so many using the suave naturals for co-wash that I thought I could try that, but as reported earlier, no luck.


KathyMack, before this I was shampooing and conditoning everyday. I've cut it back in the past 6 weeks to either co-washing daily, sometimes a water wash, shampoo probably 3x a week mostly beacuse I've been trying out different products to see if they can make my hair less dry. Does co-wash count as the one wash a week or do you mean just shampoo 1x a week?

Also Kathymack, what do you mean that I'm reporting all the hair types? Was the description of my hair contradictory or impossible? I'm not sure I understand.