I have fine hair, too. When I was young (57) I had a ton of it, but medication and thyroid issues have take their toll through the years. Before I found my current routine, I was a 2 something in the winter and a 3a during the summer. Now my hair looks like my signature picture all of the time. I also have roseaca and significant skin allergies--a few of the products made my scalp burn and something I used last week gave me hives, so I know where you are coming from.

Last Aug/Sept, I made the switch to more natural products and my hair has been much improved--tighter curl and more volume even during the cold, dry winter.

I get a wet cut that I think is good (I get followed around in stores and asked about it, so others must think so, too.) But I do think that a great haircut is the foundation of good hair.

The technique and product advice you received from Morgan_Adcock is right on. Aloe gel won't do it. It provides moisture, but no hold. You may want to consider diffusing or the hard bonnet hair dryer (search R2D2 for the thread) that's currently very popular. Either will really cut down on your dry time. If you have a lot of hair and it only takes three hours to dry, you're probably not low porosity, LOL! My hair is fairly short, I don't have much--and it takes three hours to air dry! There are also curl towels that take out some of the water--Curlease and Curls Like Us. They remove water without causing frizz.

I'll pm you.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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