Gee, I feel like a really stupid newby. Kathymack, what does "I'll pm you" mean?

After, my routine this morning: water wash, conditioner, pea sized conditioner left in, a ton of aloe vera gel, mystery's application method, and 3.5 hours to be mostly air dried, I am pleased to say that I have soft hair, no frizzies, and my waves/curls look pretty defined. Of course, I am afraid to even move since I'm sure normal living will disturb this beautiful balance. I have to get something to hold this.

When my hubby gets home, I'll try to get him to take some pics for me. I am very excited. Now if I could find a shampoo that will not strip my hair when I need to use it!

Will long term use of the aloe vera gel do anything bad to my hair?

Yeah, I finally am beginning to feel better about my hair oddessy. Thanks for all the advice. I'm really trying to put it to good use.

Anyone know of any curly hairstylist in central MA? The ones I looked up through this site are mostly out toward Boston.