Man don't talk bad about my shea butter!!! LOVE it! Seriously, it has changed my life. Let me tell you what I do:

1. I use it on my face as a moisturizer and not only do I save money from buying expensive products that WEREN'T working, now my face is smooth and clear. I am planning to purchase the East African shea butter from Shea Terra soon just for my face. I've heard it's creamier and easier to apply.

2. I had these dark spots on my knees and now after a month of raw shea butter, they are GONE! I have smooth creamy chocolate legs now. Same goes for blemishes I had on my face.

3. My hair just loves it. I'm a PJ (I'm trying really hard not to be) so I buy a bunch of other stuff, but my hair would be just happy with water and shea butter as a sealant. That's really all it needs. I'm sure I could use it as a conditioner and/or in my conditioner but I haven't tried it cause I'm using too many other things.

4. It softens the cuticles on my hands

5. My feel now feel like a baby's butt

YAY for shea butter!!!
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Agree X 10,000. I started using shea butter a month ago and my face is glowing and has never been clearer. Sometimes I add a bit of coconut oil for extra moisture.

This beats any ridiculously expensive face lotions out there. I will never go to anything but shea butter.

This weekend I'm making a sugar scrub with turbinado sugar, coconut oil, honey...and of course shea.
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