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Our thread has been featured on CurlyNikki.com's blog! Here is the article:


And here is a post from someone that I thought made a great valid point

This is a great labor of love Maria. Thanks! Although, I believe there is a wrong way to transition if the necessary care is not put into the transition (hence: lack of proper moisturizing and deep conditioning, excess heat, etc.) I didn't know a lot of this stuff when I was transitioning. Actually, when I grew out my relaxed hair, I didn't even know the term 'transitioning' is what it was called when growing out the chemically altered hair to natural hair. i just knew I didn't want anymore relaxers. I grew my relaxed hair the wrong way because at the time I wasn't aware of the wealth of info out there that supported the process. Now I have healthy hair but suffered unnecessary breakage due to lack of knowledge on proper hair care. So I definitely believe there is a WRONG way. Thanks for the great resource for us that have been through it and still need help and those of us that are beginning.
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Grats on your Curly Nikki feature! I read it this morning and your pictures are very nice. Your curls are awesome Maria. Thanks again for this thread.
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