If you've got 3c curls and you want to get together for a curl party, let me know. I'd like to do a potluck and "curl"exchange, where we talk about products, good and bad curl stories, and give each other tips about hair.

If you're interested, please write back, and let's start planning!

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Hi Ladies! I'm so sorry for not responding sooner. I thought that I would get instant notifications when there are replies, but that's not the case.

Yes, SF Bay Area=San Francisco Bay Area. Sorry for the confusion.

Since there weren't a lot of replies, maybe, what we can do is meet&greet at a Starbucks or something first. And if it seems like we can get some good plans together, then we could see about doing a curl pot-luck for more curlies, to include other types too! There is a decent sized Starbucks with a good amount of parking at 16th Street and Bryant Street in San Francisco; so if anyone needs to take BART, it's nearby. The exact address is:

Starbucks - more info
2727 Mariposa St, San Francisco, CA‎
(415) 552-2649‎

Let me know the days/times when you're free, and I'll come up with something and post it here. Also, my email address is lorianaz@yahoo.com You can write me there if you would like a quicker reply. Bring pics and products so that we can see the different looks and see what the other 3Cs are using! I can bring baggies for make-shift samples!

I targeted 3c curlies just because each type of curl has specific issues, and it would be really beneficial to exchange tips about the same curl type that I'm sure we all must have struggled with; for example, my sister has 3B curls and has had a completely different experience than I have with my curl struggles. But perhaps, down the road, we can plan a curly party for every curly who is interested in the bay area.

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