I'm actually more thinking it might be a hormone imbalance? When I take a natural balancing cream for a couple weeks, my hair doesn't shed as much. As in, it's noticeably different. Odd, huh?

If I comb my hair in the shower actually with conditioner in it, I lose half the hair I do when I just comb it wet after. So I know my hair must be super brittle, and breaking. But you're giving me the inspiration to start combing it with condish in it again, and try rinsing very carefully. Because a lot of times if I don't comb at my rinse, I can get tangled?

It's amazing what proper vitamins can do. If I don't take a supplement, my face breaks out insanely. I either take an All-one powder vitamin when I can afford it (kinda pricey), or I double/triple up on One-A-Days (surprisingly safe, I googled it).
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