I'm a professional stylist and chemical technician from oak park, Il. this is the most amazing treatment I have seen in my entire professional career! it works for all hair types without any tradeoffs in hair structure or integrity, I am thrilled for my curly clients to finally be able to have the hair of their dreams!!! first and foremost this is not a chemical, there is no thio, sodium, or formaldehyde. the 2 most important ingredients are keratin and sillicone. hair is made of keratin, chemicals and heat break down the keratin leaving the hair dull and dry. I had a client who had the treatment and freaked out afterward thinking that the treatment lightened her haircolor. the treatment filled in the dry spots and corrected the porosity of the hair which made it very bright, shiny and light reflective. we actually dicovered that she was getting the wrong shade of color all along! you can actually use any color or chemical with the treatment. use after a rusk straightener on ethnic hair and you will get a japanese straightener result ON ETHNIC HAIR!!! smooth blowdrys are a fraction of the origonal time and air drying leaves you frizz-free.