My hair tangles very easily, so detangling is the #1 property I look for in my conditioners. The right balance of moisture (not too much, not too little) is my #2 criteria.

My two favorite conditioners for detangling are LVPNG and EO Rose and Chamomile. I can't use the EO every day, because it's fairly rich, so I alternate it with LVPNG.

With either conditioner, I can rake it through my hair with only slight difficulty, and then the detangling comb glides right through. I still lose some hair in the process (which I place on the edge of the bathtub temporarily so it doesn't clog the drain), but it's not as much of a struggle.

Also, it leaves my hair virtually tangle-free after I rinse, exit the shower, and comb through again.
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Thanks for the tips- I really want to try LVPNG, but I can't find the kind without the A-cone -_-

What is the "Morrocco Method" by the way?
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