i've been wearing my curly hair for 3yrs now.
during the first year or two i absolutely loved my hair in its kinkiest and poofiest state.
No matter how it looked i had the confidence to wear it.
I started to have some self esteem isues during last summer so my selfawarness about my hair reached it max.
Since then im washing it every day,defying curls and taming it cuz i dont like the big frizzy hairstyles i had before.
I guess i lack the confidence and desire to rock big hair and fro's like i used to.
My curls and hair is much prettier and healthier now,everyone who knew and saw all of my hair stages says it looks fantastic and i know its true but i just cant stop worying about how it looks
Im in some love-hate relationship with my hair now ,and im totally obsessed with it.
I miss being worry-free but i guess thats the price if u want your hair to look so good all the time .