I don't know if you can get Moroccan Oil at Harmon...your salon probably has it (Atelier has it)...I have a friend with her beauty license so I usually get my stuff through her at Raylon or Emiliani...

I have a friend who owns a salon and can place an order with her next time she orders from Emiliani...I am going to look into getting a different shampoo as well...maybe Pureology.

Since you are getting the Coppola done and you just had highlights and a cut done, maybe ask your stylist if she can cut you a break on the cost of Moroccan Oil...

They are already giving me a $50 discount on the keratin treatment so I doubt any more discounts will be given.

Regarding pictures...I always blow my hair straight so the main difference for me is the drying time, the lack of frizz in the humidity and the way it feels (none of which can really be captured in pictures)...also, because it is in such good condition, it is actually growing pretty long...I don't think my hair has ever been this long and in this good of condition (hopefully I didn't just jinx myself by doing highlights!)

Just out of curiousity, how much do you pay for your keratin treatments? If it is cheaper then what I am paying, then I will seriously consider going to your salon the next time? Kelly is charging me $325 and that is with the $50 discount...she said because my hair is thick and will take a long time?
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