Uh honestly I don't really know why I plop. Mostly to speed drying time, I guess, but I also want some more curl definiton.

This is how I plop:

-Get a big t-shirt
-Put t-shirt on toilet (with the lid down!), with the head whole facing the right and the end facing the left (or the other way around, it really does not matter), and one side of the sleeve/side of the shirt facing towards you, the oher side logically facing away from you.
-Flip your hair upside down onto the t-shirt
- Get your hair in the middle-front-ish of the t-shirt and kind of gather the front, back, and sides and just put a pony tail holder around all of it. It's notthing fancy, but it works. My hair isn't really on top of head, though...it's more to the back.
3b/c...or thereabouts.

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