KathyMack -- question about the Shikakai shampoo bar: When I try it, should I pre-oil my hair? Do you do that with your CV bars? Also, should I plan to do an ACV rinse after the Shikakai bar? I just want to give it a try; I don't think I *need* to use shampoo bars, since I never feel the need to 'poo/lo-poo, but I'm curious to try it.

I did my first cleaning with the shikakai powder yesterday. I'm not sure if it was the powder or if I just did a really good job applying my latest batch of FSG, but boy, I had GREAT hair yesterday, and today, after refreshing with some diluted GVP balm and then a little JCN&S, I got curl that must be one level up from my usual. I'm going to do my first amla treatment this week, too! I'm going to have way too much fun hair stuff to play with now; I can't decide what to try next, and I only wet my hair like twice a week!
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I didn't feel the need to poo/lowpoo, either. The bars are so gentle, you won't feel like you cleaned. If you like what the shikakai powder did to your hair, you'll love what the bar will do. The bars make my curls tighter and give me more volume. Only issue was that the Shikakai Bar made my hair dry after a few uses.

I don't use the CV bars, they made my hair dry and tangled. If they were the first bar I used, I would have never used another. I gave them away after one use.
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