I didn't feel the need to poo/lowpoo, either. The bars are so gentle, you won't feel like you cleaned. If you like what the shikakai powder did to your hair, you'll love what the bar will do. The bars make my curls tighter and give me more volume. Only issue was that the Shikakai Bar made my hair dry after a few uses.

I don't use the CV bars, they made my hair dry and tangled. If they were the first bar I used, I would have never used another. I gave them away after one use.
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Ah, I was confused -- I thought you were using CV bars. Whose bars are you using that you like?

So I went ahead and washed today with the Swastik Shikakai bar (I oiled my hair last night with quite a bit of coconut oil). I liked using the bar & the smell doesn't bother me, and it removed the coconut oil easily. My scalp feels good. Then I did my first k-pak treatment, then used my GVP Co Balm and usual routine with FSG. Hair is still wet, but is looking and feeling good; however, I won't really know the effects of the bar vs. the K-pak. I did not do the ACV rinse -- do you think I should do that after the Swastik bar, as a general rule? I just felt like there was too much going on today with the protein pack & all!

Thanks for all your tips and advice.
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