Ah, I was confused -- I thought you were using CV bars. Whose bars are you using that you like?

So I went ahead and washed today with the Swastik Shikakai bar (I oiled my hair last night with quite a bit of coconut oil). I liked using the bar & the smell doesn't bother me, and it removed the coconut oil easily. My scalp feels good. Then I did my first k-pak treatment, then used my GVP Co Balm and usual routine with FSG. Hair is still wet, but is looking and feeling good; however, I won't really know the effects of the bar vs. the K-pak. I did not do the ACV rinse -- do you think I should do that after the Swastik bar, as a general rule? I just felt like there was too much going on today with the protein pack & all!

Thanks for all your tips and advice.
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I'll pm you. I think the K-pak has mineral oil, so you may need to wash that out. Nexxus makes several protein treatments that are great and don't have mineral oil.
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