Yes, after learning how to care about my hair properly, I'm proud of it! I like how it can vary from a 2b/2c or to a 2c/3a! Before I used to hate it, cause of all the brushing and crappy stuff I put in it, but now... Well now I'm in love with my hair!
2b/2c or 2c/3a Depending on what I do to my hair

Shampoo: GTTTT
Conditioner:Burt's Bees Super Shiny,GSAS
Leave-ins: unref coconut oil,argan oil,GoW Healthy Hair Serum (rotate)
Rinses: Honey,ACV,RosemaryT
Others: Honey,BS
DT: Unref Coconut Oil,Olive,Almond Oil w/honey

Tech:Pineapple,pillow w/silk scarf