Hair Growth Tips & encouragement

Hey everybody,

So...I just did the big chop. What are some tips to help grow my hair out?

How long will it take for this tiny curly fro to grow back? I know it depends on genetics, but still any kind of estimation would be nice lol. I need to be patient.

Anyone have photos of their BC to growth?

I got a pie face so I'm getting used to this short length. It's worth it get strong healthy hair.

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Besides taking care of your hair and pampering it, I want to say your hair is beautiful!
Great diet and exercise. Vitamin D and a little iron. Frequent conditioning.
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Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
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Thank you Ladies for the support and for the answers
Your hair is pretty!

I've only been growing out my hair since the end of December, but I definitely feel like I have way more hair now than I did Fotki has growth pics by month.
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Suburbanbushbabe has some great tips. I've heard that rinsing the scalp with cold water helps hair grow because it stimulates the folicles, but I don't know how true that is.
I think that making your hair as healthy as you can is by far the best way to encourage it to grow.
But for now, it's really cute the way it is!
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I agree with Suburbanbushbabe, love love love your hair by the way.

I found that making sure you have your Omegas (from the right sources), you antioxidants A, C and E (not too much A though will cause the reverse), enough sleep and exercise will promote hair growth. That is because when you are healthy and getting enough nourishment your body will pass it on to your hair and nails. Taking care of the vital parts first and then moving on to the non-vitals. Also, make sure you keep your scalp clean and clear. Clogged pores are very bad for scalp and hair health. So use your moisturizing oils in butters mostly on your hair and away from your scalp. If you need something on your scalp use a light non-clogging butter or oil like kiwi seed oil. Kiwi is also great for your face and helps to retain moisture. Lotioncrafters have it for the cheapest price. There are also tones of other butters and oils out there that are healthy and safe for the scalp just make sure it is not too heavy. I also drink a lot of soy milk and take a biotin supplement. Not sure if that helps but my nails look awesome .

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