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I am a 3B curly with really fined hair, quite easily weighed down.
I like to use organic products, organic brands. Since I live in Europe, I find some stuff here or I sometimes order products from Curlmart.
Would some of you be able to give me names of nice organic brands that are sold via Curlmart or are available on the net?
I am especially looking for curly creme (or gel) and daily conditioner (leave-in).
Corkscrew 3B
Hello McCurly I am also a U.K curly and I order Giovanni products from - they have quite a range of organic products and the service is great.

Hope this helps a little.

Hi Brownsugababe,

Thanks for the info!!! This site seems to sell a lot of great products!!!
Are the Giovanni products organic or not?

I also just discovered the Lush Products that are probably not organic but natural and made without conservatives.
Corkscrew 3B
Yep, Giovanni is organic. I have the Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo (sulfate free) as well as the Giovanni 50:50 shampoo (also sulfate free) and matching conditioner. TTTT is a nice clarifying poo and The 50:50 condish is great for co-washing... it seems to spread easily on my scalp, if that makes any sense!
The bottles say "pure organic technology" or something like that, and right after Water on the ingredients list, is a very long list of organic extracts (rosemary, etc.) followed by some "good" (moisturizing) alcohols and a few other ingredients. They seem really natural!
BSL 2Cmiii
normal/high porosity, normal elasticity.

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