Mineral oil and petrolatum

Hi all,

I keep seeing mineral oil and petrolatum as ingredients on products that don't have silicones in them...I remember reading somewhere that mineral oil isn't good for your hair, but what the heck is petrolatum? I'm assuming that it's petroleum based..are they the same thing? What would they do to hair? (I'm 3C, fairly porous, if it makes any difference) Should these ingredients be avoided or are they not too bad?
Mineral Oil and Petrolatum are both by products of oil refining. Petrolatum is basically petroleum jelly. They aren't great for the hair and skin as they essentially coat the hair and block everything else out, moisture, air etc. They also build up on the hair. It can also cause dandruff.

They don't have silicones since silicones are made from silica, but they also aren't great for the hair and skin. They are in quite a few because they are cheap.

Hope that makes sense!
Here's an article about mineral oil and an article about mineral oil and coconut oil.

Let me know what you think!
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