Aloe vera gel as hair gel?

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I'm new to the Aloe Vera Gel scene, I bought some just a few days ago - here in England, Holland and Barratts currently has a sale on, buy one and get another for a penny on 200ml of 99.9% Aloe Vera Gel (6.99 each).
I had a quick look at the ingredients beforehand, and was a little unsure about Acrylates, but having looked it up they are just thickening ingredients with no ill-effects on hair.
The hold on the product itself is fantastic, my bunning challenge would be a lot more difficult without it
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I use the aloe Vera curl activating gel & I love it. Stinky but great hold.
I actually have mixed the AVG with my home-made flax seed gel. Also I use it for 2nd day hair along with the FSG if that batch doesn't have AVG in it.

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