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Help with using products with cones

I am CG and am currently using the DevaCurl line, however I am contemplating switching to Wen. While going poo-less and no cones, can I use products in my hair that have cones in them without buildup. For example, say I wanted to straighten my hair and needed to use a straightening gel, but the gel had cones in it. If I use the gel, will I have to pre-wash again with a sulfate shampoo before I continue my CG routine due to buildup? And if so, do you know if I will be required to do this if I use Wen instead of DevaCurl? Please help
Many of us use a few 'cones occasionally, and you don't necessarily have to use sulfates to remove them - most can be removed with coco betaine or other surfactants. Maybe this will help you:

I don't know what sort of surfactants Wen contains, but if they also use silicones, I'd guess it's something that removes 'cones - at least the ones they use in their own products.

I personally don't care for much in the Deva line, and I've never tried Wen - too much other stuff that has better ingredients for less money
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From what I've gotten a few people that use cones clarify atleast once a month to remove build up.
If this is your issue.
You can clarify in a few ways: benonite clay hair masque, KInky curly Come clean shampoo, Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses, VO5 even has a clarifying shampoo and condish found at your local drug stores and Walmart...
I hope this address your question.
Personally I do not use ANY cones I do clarify every now and then with ACV rinse only bc they say it's suppose to loosen your curl patter. ()
Gd much

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