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Hey!! Okay so I do get my hair relaxed but I was still wondering if I could get the curl. I like my hair smooth at the roots but I want natural curly hair!! Ugh! Also what kind of organic products are available at CVS for curly hair? The ingredients I want to stay away from are:

Parabens (anything that has the suffix of -parabens)
Anything with the suffixes of -PEG, -xynol, -ceteareth, -oleth
Anything that has to do with Sulfur
Anything that can strip my hair of natural oils

So i've decided to go with organic products! I would really appreciate the help! And if there are anymore ingredients I should stay away from, please mention, THANKS!
I'm not sure what you're asking about curly hair. If you're relaxed straight you can't get curly hair from products. You could try doing a braid out or a twist out. Walgreens has a natural line called Shea Moisture. I'm not sure what is at CVS, but I know they have aloe vera gel.
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Well I want the curly hair, but I don't want like the crinkly and nappy roots. What should I do?
You want "natural" curly hair or the curly hair look?
Before going natural I wore my relaxed hair in curly styles most of the time which is why I felt I was destined to go natural and fully embraced the transition process.

Anyhow, I would typically wear dry braidouts that lasted for several days. I would start with freshly washed/conditioned/blow dried hair and then put on a little hair dressing and then section my hair and spritz each subsection to be braided with 1/3 setting lotion (Lottabody I think its called) and 2/3 water. My hair is fine so it didn't take heavy products to get a good set. I would braid the length leaving 1 to 2 inches unbraided that I would put an end wrap on and then wrap around a small perm rod or one of those soft fabric rollers works just as well to curl/spiral the ends. I would let this stay overnight and remove in the morning, apply a little serum and HAND STYLE/FLUFF my hair. At night I would put my hair up on top of my head ( who knew back then that this was called a pineapple ). This lasted several days and when it started looking wild I would smooth it all up into a big azz poof on the top pf my head (hence I got the nickname "Pebbles"). That was my cold weather routine.

In the summer I wore my relaxed hair in a wash-n-go style. I used conditioner, specifically the original formula Mizani Moisturefuse, and would diffuse and scrunch my hair. I don't know if this worked well for me because of my hair texture and the fact that it didn't take much to relax my hair as well as the fact that I HATED getting my hair relaxed so I only got it done like every 3 months.

Also an alternative to braidouts is getting a rod set or a straw set. With primarily relaxed, non-curly/kinky hair, I don't recommend twists as unless you have the curl pattern to sustain them, they will unravel.

Hope that helps.

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