Bentonite Clay??

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UPDATE: I made a hair mask this wknd with bentonite clay, acv, and vatika oil. I'm really loving the result!

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I have been making my own knockoff of the terressential mudwash using the bentonite clay since I decided to only use natural products about 7 mos ago. My recipe was almost identical to the ingredient list on the website, except I added coconut, olive, and jojoba oils and lemon juice. The first few months of biweekly washes my hair wasn't responding due to the build up of synthetic chemicals on my strands. My hair went through kind of a "detox". It was crunchy and oily. I ALMOST quit, but kept going. I am so glad I did! Once my hair was detoxed the clay was able to penetrate my strands and do some good. Now, the clay is a totally different experience and I no longer use anything else, except ACV, to cleanse my hair. My hair has never been so soft and my curls are poppin....EVER!

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