Change in curl pattern! =( need advice

During the summer I decided to dye the back of my hair blonde. I dyed it twice, waiting for about a month before I dyed the back for a second time. The second time around I also decided to flat iron my hair, something I rarley do( ive worn my hair curly the majority of my life, im 22). I wore my hair straight for a few weeks and then washed it. I began to notice that my curls were not as tight as before. I figured nothing was wrong and that my hair just needed time to convert back to the org. curls. I flat ironed my hair a few times afterwards again and then I washed it. My curl pattern remained loose and pretty straight. Its been about a month now and my hair has not returned back to its natural curl pattern. Have I damaged my hair permanently? If this is heat damage, is there a way to repair my hair back to its natural form or am I stuck with loose curls forever?! idk what to do=(
It's possible that you may have some heat damage. This happened to me a few years ago after visiting the salon. My hair was blow dried and flat ironed straight. When I washed my hair, the natural curls were very loose. I used a protein treatment (Aphogee) which helped. It took a few months before my curls were back to normal. However, my left side suffered the most heat damage and remained straight until I cut the ends. I didn't cut the ends all at once. This was over the course of 1.5 years. You can try a protein treatment and make sure that you continue to nurture your curls.

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