Why are parabens bad?

I've always wondered this question, but now i'm deciding to ask, i use alot of products that have parabens like methylparaben, propylparaben, etc.. So i see on alot of products that they are "Paraben free" and i've wondered why they aren't used very much or why new natural hair products say they don't use parabens? So... Whats the big deal? What do they do that is a negative for natural curlies like myself? Also.. is propylene glycol a form of paraben? thanks
Parabens are a form of preservative and are used to prevent products from spoiling. There not bad for you hair like a silicon is but they are bad for the body. Parabens are hormone disrupters, they can mimic estrogen which leads to many problems. Parabens also are carcinogenic(cause cancer). They are still used widely in makeup, skin-care and hair-care products. There isn't any government mandate about not using them or having a warning label if you do. Similarly to the way BPA has recently come under fire, scientists have know they were bad for a long time but they continue to be used.
oh and propylene glycol is just mineral oil, it's only bad for you if you eat it
Some have skin allergies. Mostly it's hype to sell natural products. The estrogenic effect is pretty small.

No one is saying not to consume berries, which contain parabens all on their own.


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