My Terressentials Journey

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So I finally ordered the lavender garden terressentials last Monday and it came in Saturday. I didn't try it until yesterday because I really want to do the detox like it said without using any products and I had a feeling I may not have a good hair day. So I did the three washes for day one like they suggest.I had to use three or four tablespoons each wash because I have really long and thick hair but I tried to use it sparingly because it was a little pricey with shipping. I just hope it is worth it. The first two washes I really worked at massaging into my scalp. The first wash my hair was so tangled I could barely spread it through the length of my hair so after I rinsed it out I decided to comb my hair and I thought it was going to be really painful because of the way my hair felt but surprisingly it was much easier than I thought. It was a lot easier to get the mud all through my hair on the second and third wash. The last wash I let it sit on my hair while I finished getting a shower and then rinsed with slightly cooler water. I then flipped my hair over to plop in a t-shirt but my hair did not fall over and hang down like it usually does so I combed it while upside down rinsed it again to get some clumps back and then plopped.After I was dressed and I took the t-shirt off my hair just stayed where it was at instead of falling down. I didn't want to touch it much so I gently tried to get it to hang and part right but it looked like a nest so I combed it which I thought would be really hard considering it felt like a stiff bird's nest but it was really easy to comb. Another shock. I'm assuming the stiff and hard texture is the polymers and chemicals and other nasty stuff terressentials say will come to the surface during detox. I can't wait for the end of the week assuming this mud wash is really all it is cracked up to be. How awesome would it be to have actual wash and go hair that looked good. It may be hopeful thinking though. Well I'm about to go do day two. I'll report back soon. Oh one thing I did notice is the smell lingers in your hair a long time which is really nice as long as you like the scent. Also, to anyone who has tried terressentials before what kind of products if any did you use at the end of the detox. I'm really wanting to stick with the all natural ingredients and if I have to use a styler I was thinking homemade fsg or kccc.

I did the three washes again today. I noticed that not as much hair came out in the shower but my hair was stiff feeling while it was drying and it sort of has a waxy feel to it. I'm really hoping it gets better soon because I can't be seen with my hair looking like this and I'm really trying to stick with the no other products during the detox period.

Well my hair looked horrible maybe the worst I've ever seen it before I washed it. So did the two washes. Still amazed at how easy it is to detangle despite the way it feels. Once it dried though it wasn't as waxy feeling as it has been and actually feels pretty soft. Also, the scent last FOREVER!
How has this been working for you now that it's been a little while since the "detox"? I love the idea behind this product but I'm still researching before deciding if it's something I want to try...
I actually stopped using it on day five. My hair had become really stiff and straw like which seemed like a result from too much protein. I'm protein sensitive. I noticed that the second ingredient was aloe vera gel which I researched and figured out it acted like a protein. Although I do think it helped get rid of product build up I will probably still use it once a month or so. The other plus is I noticed not as much hair falling out in the shower. I don't know if that is because I wasn't putting any chemicals from shampoos and products on my hair though.
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