Virgin Coconut oil: Reviews? Where can I get it?

I've heard this is very good for hair. The molecules are small enough to actually get inside the hair strand and work on it, so I really want to try it. Where can I get it?
Whole foods for sure but I think I saw it in Walmart once
I found it in Fry's(run by Kroger so they must have it too).

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I get it at my local supermarket in the natural food section, or at the natural food store.

It's an excellent deep treatment. Refined coconut oil works just as well and is odorless, too, if that makes any difference to you.

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Whole foods, trader joes, vitamin shoppes, or any type of natural store like that. You can also get it online. I order Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Organic Coconut oil by the gallon, because we also cook with it. It lasts us a year or so, even with using it often on hair and skin. It's expensive at the purchase time, but worth it in the long run because A. it's cold processed the traditional way and B. it lasts a long time.
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The only difference between virgin coconut oil and "regular" is that regular is odorless...and virgin smells WONDERFUL. Not sure if that justifies that price difference to you though

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