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Okay so I've been contemplating texturizing for a while but back down then I realize I really love my curls. It's just I haven't been able to properly take care of it and retain length. So I colored my hair like two months ago and it made my hair super dry. I did it before and this didn't happen but as i was putting this color on the smell was so strong I knew it was bad. Anyways my hair has never been this dry before, the when you feel it it's horrible. Olive oil kind of softens it but ugh i hate it. So now it's even harder to take care of than before. So I was thinking to do a text. I know it would probably dry it out more but maybe it will be easier to handle. I was going to do a protein treatment afterwards. I really love my curls but man I'm getting frustrated. Maybe I should just do the treatment without the text? Any help on what I could do to revive it.
What are you currently using and doing?
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well i just use eco styler gel throughout my hair sometimes, olive oil, and sometimes hawaiian silky. I wash my hair once a week and may rinse it once in between to rinse out build up. i try to sleep with my satin bonnet. But sometimes I don't take care of it lie i should to retain length. I know it grows because i can already see a lot of new growth and i just colored it two months ago. I just never retain it plus it's super dry now
I colored my hair recently and my current regimen is co wash only with herbal essence color treated conditioner, Giovanni direct leave in, and evoo . That is all i use and no dryness at all.

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