HELP with my hair!

Sorry if this is the wrong section, but I need help. I basically have boring, frizzy/poofy hair. This is the closest resemblance I can find on the 'net:

I DESPERATELY want Taren Guy's hair, especially here:

I'm 18 years old, multiracial. I've been to a salon probably 3 times my entire life, and I don't go often because I'm embarrassed about my dry scalp. My mom cuts my hair and what she does is level it so it's straight and then simply trim the bottom.

I'm not opposed to shaving the whole thing off, but the only thing that is stopping me is that I am overweight (I've lost 77lbs already, and I'm still losing) so it will look odd, and my dry scalp won't look appealing at all.

I have only two hairstyles my entire life: A bun, and a puffy ponytail. I literally have no idea what to do with my hair so I think my best bet is to chop it off.

Again, I love Taren Guy's hair, especially on that video link at 1:33 mark. THAT is the length I want. I love how the top is a little longer.

I really want to know how I can do this. Are there any at-home kits I can buy to achieve 3c curls?

Any tips, advice, suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!


I love everything about it: The length, the color, the curls!

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The only way to achieve curls you don't have is to create them. You can do perm rods, flexi rods, bantu knot outs etc. Youtube has a lot of tutorials on how to curl your hair and create texture and pattern. Naptural85 has a lot of videos on different ways to achieve curls and definition that work on almost any hair type.
3b/c with some 4a in the middle of crown and back, medium to high porosity, frizzy, thirsty hair!
Try adding silicone to your deep conditioners. It will help smooth your hair and decrease frizz.
put gel in it, braid it, sleep. it works for me

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