Aloe Vera juice/gel

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Hey curliesss

How yall feeling about aloe Vera for your hair
I been seeing alot of ppl using kimmaytube leave in on YouTube

•Give me your pros n cons
Bout the leave in
•do you have to put the mix cold also?
•how else do you use aloe Vera juice/gel alone?
and what are the best brands. the one clear one from walmart has a fumaldahide in it. I cant spell it right
and what are the best brands. the one clear one from walmart has a fumaldahide in it. I cant spell it right
Originally Posted by hambo02
Lily of the desert aloe vera juice& gel
Vitiamshop or whole foods
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I just finished twisting my hair with the kimmaytube mix and my hair loves it. I use shea moisture condiTioner (gold colored bottle) because it can be used as a leave in, Lilly of the desert aloe Vera GEL, jojoba oil, castor oil, tea tree essential oil (for itchy scalp) and a little vegetable glycerin. I use this all the time and it works wonderfully. I only use a table spoon if castor oil and two of the jojoba so its not too oily.

the kimmaytube leave in works great, im anti mixing anything right now so I dont currently use it but its great. I mix avj with water to detangle, I got the idea from FusionOfCultures on youtube. I also use avj as a daily moisturizer for my face.

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Does lily of the desert aloe Vera GEL have hold n is it still ph balance

Do you guys keep kimmaytube Leave cold just like aloe vera it's self
I use the kimmaytube leave in cold. I also spray aloe juice on my hair after washing and conditioning to seal my cuticle and it helps reduce my shedding.
3b/c with some 4a in the middle of crown and back, medium to high porosity, frizzy, thirsty hair!
where can you get this lilly of the desert gel?
leave the gel in cold? huh? i dont get this lol
I keep my avj in fridge but not my kimmaytube leave in. I guess bc I don't mix a lot at once and only get two uses.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.

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