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As of right now, I am very confused about my hair porosity. I did the "sink test" and my hair strands went straight to the bottom, but when I wash my hair, it doesn't get wet very fast. Products and oils also tend to "sit" on my hair, even after it's been freshly washed, which is a sign of low porosity. I'm not really too sure about what "dry" hair is, but the shaft of my hair right now feels pretty smooth, although not shiny, and some ends feel rough. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm just upset that my hair may be damaged, and I may have to cut the length I worked for off
How long does it take your hair to dry?? For me, six hours with a little diffusing and no product was typical. With products, scrunching out water with curl towels and diffusing it's about three hours. Frequently, it takes a few more hours to absorb rich products after hair is dry.

If the ends are rough, they probably need a trim. Even while growing out, trims are necessary to keep healthy.

Why do you think your hair is damaged??
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