help for a young college student and her natural hair

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soo ive been natural my whole life...never had a perm and tried a "wash and go" only once very briefly. However I did wear my hair straight from about the age of 9 to 16 then i became more comfortable wearing my hair in its natural state without applying heat and also learned about the joys of box braids , Senegalese twists and the like. however one MAIN draw back for me has always been my un decisive hair type. I call it the fluff :/ my hair has no definite curl pattern that i can identify and is just extremely not sure if this is from my history of straightening it with a hot comb / flat iron only because my roots are wavy not coiled... for this reason no curl defining creme or gel EVER works...and unless i get my hair professionally pressed no matter the weather it fluffs right back up. it also matts verrrry easily ..and is very soft HELPPP PLEASE take any product suggestions or super frustrated and in need of some natural advice....
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Instead of using extension braids, which are actually great sometimes, trying using your real hair to braid and your in need of a good conditioner or moisturizer. So first step is you need a good regular conditioner and or deep conditioner, a good deep conditioner is Organic Root hair mayo. Use that and get under a dryer or put a hot towel. When it comes to braiding natural hair you need a moisturizer and oil to seal it. So I use sheamoisture curl enhancing smoothie and then coat it with coconut oil. I only moisturize once a week, but ill put coconut oil ever three or four days but not too much or else it will weigh it down. So dont do big braids do small-medium at night, and then you can take it out in the morning but separate the strands so it may look naturally curly. Maybe you should keep your braids in a few days longer as so it can look cute and curly perhaps. Also dont forget to detangle before braiding your hair. Please let me know if this makes sense, private message to get a hold of me.
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