Heat Damage

Hi! I'm Katie and I'm new to this site but it seems pretty reliable so I'm going to try it out. I'm soon to be 13 and I have (or used to have) beautiful 3a/3b curls.

Well I was being stupid one day and I decided to use my straightener without protectant on a high heat setting. My curls have been not the samel ever since though it is now about two months after the incident and some of them have returned, just not as bouncy and beautiful as before. I've been using Redken Shampoo every time I wash, and it has improved a lot: my hair is now shinier and the ends are forming little ringlets again but the middle part of my hair is still wavy/straight. Shortly after I straightened, I cut about 3 inches off and that also helped a lot, especially since the new hair growing in is healthy and curly, but I'm still worried about that dumb part right between the roots of my hair and the ends that's not curling. That is probably where I had the most damage. I'm planning on cutting more off: maybe one or two inches every two months, but I just don't want to get rid of the curl my hair has retained at the ends (I know I'm such a baby). Most girls talk about having dead ends, but I have the opposite problem. My ends are cute and curly while the middle is dull. I'm also using TIGI Catwalk Curl Amplifier on my hair as well as It's a 10 Leave in Product.

Can anyone tell me how to get my curlies back? Any reply would be much appreciated.
Hey katie

Let me tell you I know how you feel and more lol I been straighting my hair since when I was 10 maybe with OUT heat protected Smh i would forget to wrap it up at night so I had to restraight it I danced so I had to restraight again ect lol

But what I did was STOP using heat !! Cut alot of it off. You have to I know you don't want to but you have to. The damaged ends will weigh you hair down:/ if you don't want to cut alot, just cut alil less then half. Then do deep condition treatments. What I use is Aubrey organic honey suckle rose or Aubrey orangic gpb conditioner. Seat under dry for 30 mins
And I only poo at the end of the month. Use cleansing conditioners

KEEP KEEP KEEP hair moisturize!! Moisture is curlys best friend !

And do protein treatment!!

Mmmm what else...maybe this too much info if you have questions Iam more them glad to help

After doing all this I never seen my hair like this better ) my hair type has changed Soo much almost a year haven't uses heat
The problem with heat damage is that its irreversible. I am considering doing the BC all over again do to heat damage

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