Before and after caring for hair with natural products?

What benefits have you seen in your hair since you started using natural products?

I currently use cones and sulfates on my hair. None of the products I use regularly are natural. Today, I'm changing that. I bought shea moisture products for my hair, and plan on sulfate shampooing the cones out. I want to use natural products on my hair, but not sure if it is necessary.
If sulfates and cones work for you....USE THEM. People had long beautifl healthy hair LONG before the CG method. It's not gospel. I love cones on my length and credit it for my length retention when I heat scalp just doesn't agree with it. As for the difference...I would say that I have more moisture retention. A good balance of natural and unnatural products is also cool in my book too.
Super late on this lol since I wrote this I did stop silicones & sulfates. The only thing in my staples that isn't all natural is my conditioner. I didn't stop silicone b.cthey're bad, my hair is cool with them. Its the sulfate to wash them out. I figured out my hair hates shampoo, even sulfate free. The ONLY shampoo I use is from a local all natural line called Mary's Mariposa (google it, its awesome) its the only tthing thay cleans my scalp & doesn't dry our ny hair at all. I'm gonna start using her conditioner to so everything in my regimen will be natural, and it really has helped my hair. I only use SMCES, Mary's Mariposa Raw Body Butter (the bomb! Better than any I've ever used [with vitamin A, C, E, silica, collagen, & pure essential oils] & it smells amazing), Aloe vera juice, oils (i.e. olive, coconut), & Mary's Mariposa Shampoo & conditioner. My hair is really happy now. Way happier.
Sorry about the typos, on my phone. Look the line up though. There's more than just stuff for hair. You can get the online from her

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