is baking soda washing bad for colored curly hair

i have build up and i been reading baking soda is good for getting rid of product removal for hair but i haven't read if its good for colored hair can anyone help be because i do want to remove build up in my hair but i want to make sure if its safe for colored hair or would it do something to my hair
What is about terra essentials or Shea moisture purification mask?
Yes I thing BS is not good for colored hair. However, having said that a one time occurrence of washing hair with BS may be ok. But I would suggest you switch to a sulfate free shampoo assuming you have only been using silicone free products. If you used products with silocone, they say only products with sulfate can get rid of silicone buildup.
I personally think that just because of the ph that using too much baking soda is not good for any hair type....let only colored. I would recommend you co wash for cleansing and to remove build up use rhassoul clay

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