Create My Own Natural Hair Care Line?

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I was wondering if anyone has ever thought or considered creating their own natural hair care line? I have a lot of ideas about what I want in my products and have already created a couple of cool formulas but would like to have a chemist take my formulations and manufacture them so I can be assured that they are properly preserved etc and I can cater to the masses without ridiculous shipping times.

I guess I just need help from a professional with getting started. Havent seen many websites that assist you with creating your own line for reasonable prices with a hands on feel....ideas?
Aww that's cool.....I thought about it for a little while, but I work 12 hour shifts and I just know I couldn't keep up with the demand. If you want to make your own stuff I would recommend you check swiftcraty's blog. She has SO much valuable info on making your own products although it would probably cost a but of trial and error money along with a lot of trial and errors to get your formulas perfected. If you want to out source your stuff and just have it ready professionally. I would recommend Private-label-minerals. They do contract manufacturing, private label, and make natural hair product bases that you can resell (if you want to go that route). They say they will customize hair products free of charge so you would have a more hands on feel to it. You could control what goes in the product...kind of a cool concept. Not sure if you are a woman of color but their services are geared towards natural hair (but curly is curly!). I've inquired about buying bases from them in the past since they customize for personal usage. Never got around to buying but the customer service was on point. The site's a little weird (it seems to be two sites in one o_O)

Anyway, I would recommend them if you are trying to create your own product line without "getting your hands dirty" so to speak. The ingredients in the products look yummy too. If they offer in smaller sizes I may go for that blueberry and babassu buttercreme and crème caramel curling custard . Hope whatever you do works out!

Ohh.....and another thing....for simple stuff like oils and butters, remember to get your ingredients off of ebay or from camdengrey. Like I said swift is a good, no, excellent resource as well. Good luck!
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Thanks for this, Ill check them out. Yes, the products look good and Ive seen good reviews about them. Im placing an order for the blueberry and Babassu buttercreme, crème caramel curling custard, and cran-apple moisture cocktail. We will see how it goes! If all things go well I will most likely use them to manufacture my product line.

I LOVE swiftcrafty but I truthfully am no mixtress. Maybe I will start mixing simple formulas myself but my sister owns a salon and I would love to be able to stock it with I rather have a professional take care of the formulating.

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