How to plop/airdry (cant load/get access to videos for a while!)

How do u plop or airdry? Whay do u use to plop, any other methods of airdrying? Whats your method?

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I think I'm just drawn to you because every time I see a question that I can answer, It's yours! haha

Every time I style my hair, I plop overnight. Plopping is designed to soak up the excess water and shorten drying time. I plop overnight, but my hair is not dry in the morning, partially because I have a looottttttt of hair. It isn't long, but it's thick. I'm not sure if your hair would be dry or not if you did it overnight. But I plop because if I were to air dry my hair right after styling, it would take 5+ hours and by that time, the day is over. When I wake up and take it down, my hair is maybe 60-70% dry. It's damp, but if you squeezed it, no water would come out... it's hard to explain. After that, it takes about 2 hours to dry.

Explaining how to plop through a message is incredibly challenging, but I shall try my hardest.

1. Find a fairly large long sleeved t-shirt
2. Lay it on a flat surface such as a toilet seat or bed with the collar hanging off, and the sleeves either out horizontally (bed) or hanging down (toilet)
3. Hang your head upside down and over the middle of the shirt, towards the collar
4. Slowly lower your head so the curls are scrunched up in the middle of the shirt with the top of your head sandwiching them with the shirt
5. Keep your head still and take the bottom of the shirt where the hem is and place it over the back of your head (I sort of take the corers and tuck them under my chin so it will stay)
6. Take the sleeves and twist them tightly, and tie them together at the back of your head/neck, forming a little package for your curls to rest at the top of your head
7. Adjust the shirt to contain all of your curls, and then take the sleeves and wrap them around to the front and tie them again
8. Tuck the sleeves into the the shirt at the side of your head
**I tie it pretty tight so it stays on during the night, but don't tie it too tight or you'll induce a headache!

You can plop for as little as 10 minutes, so if sleeping on it is unappealing, fear not!

Another way to air dry is to clip your roots up to give them more height.

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