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I am someone who likes a simple hair routine and feel like I have better things to do than mess with my hair. I was frankly getting tired of boundless products, techniques, and just plain fooling around with it. So I pulled out my trusty Curly Girl Handbook (2nd edition,) and have gone back to a simple routine. I'm just washing my hair with Sheamoisture shampoo and conditioner (natural,) drying it with a microfiber towel, and scrunching in some gel. (Garnier Fructis Pure Clean) I used to leave in a lot of conditioner, thinking it would be better, but after just going back to a more basic way to do my hair, it looks great. Plus, I'm saving product. Any one else thought of doing this? Any thoughts?

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Hey, yeah I much prefer simple routines because I have such a busy schedule .. I have wrote a post on my hair care routine if you want to have a look! My Curly Hair Routine! | Kumbear xo: My Curly Hair Routine!
Oh my you are so right. My hair does better minimally! But I'm such a darn pj I can't accept that haha

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*Current Routine*
CO/CW: CJ Daily Fix, GR Restorative, SM RSB, SM SFC
DC: SM, CJ Rehab, G.Nutrafix, DIY
Sealers: an oil, JC N&S
Stylers: just CO, CJ CIAB, KCCC, aloe gel, FSG
Once in a while: ACV, Lemon-Aid

Oils to seal, rinse, and/or pre-poo as needed

2c/3a/3b coarse, normal porosity
CG since 2007
I'm the same as you with my routine!

I follow the second edition and just shampoo and condition (Shea Moisture too!), apply my gel, scrunch and then just leave it be. Depending on my mood, I'll either leave a bit of conditioner in or just apply a leave-in before the gel. But yeah - simple.

Even my second day routine is pretty no-fuss. Just pineapple, but in a satin sleeping cap, then the next morning give my hair a shake and, depending on how it looks, apply a pea-size amount of leave-in or just leave it alone.

I can't be bothered to do loads of different tips and tricks really. I'd like to try plopping one day, just to see. But I'm far too lazy for now haha.
3B. Med porosity. Med thickness. Med density.

LP: Shea Moisture (currently JBCO)
Conditioner/CW: Jason Aloe Vera

LI: Aunt Jackie's Curls & Coils Quench
Refreshing: TRESemmé Naturals Aloe Vera & Avocado
Gel: DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel
Aunt Jackie's Soft & Sassy Super Duper Softening Conditioner
Treatments: Coconut oil/Coconut milk

UK curly. CG since Oct 2013.
Growing my hair to WL when dry
I got frustrated with all the different products and what to use when, with what dews and temps. Layering different creams and gels.
Now I just co-wash or loo-poo, condition, rinse, apply a conditioner as leave in, sometimes seal with jojoba oil, plop and I'm done. And my hair is looking better every day.

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2/C -3A I think ???
No clue what type of hair I have. Waiting on hair analysis results.

Low-poo : Giovanni TTTT
Co-wash : Vo5 Herbal Escapes
RO : GVP Conditioning Balm , Vo5 Herbal Escapes
Leave in : Vo5 Herbal Escapes
Styler : SM Curling Gel Souffle, Aquage Defining Gel (not CG)
PT : GVP K-Pak
DT : GVP Conditioning Balm

New to all this, trying to find the best products for me. Soo confusing, soo many products and soo little time
I agree with everyone here. My hair has been in protective styles for a while now. I want to learn some hair styles, but I believe nothing beats a simple hair regimen. I usually shampoo and condition my hair, but I recently got into using a co-wash. I love the way co-washing makes my hair feel. But sometimes I feel like I'm doing to much. There are so many things in the natural hair community to do (pre-poo, shampoo or co-wash, condition and/or deep condition, wash n go or protective style, moisturize and seal daily), and it can be overwhelming for a newly natural like myself. I got my hair cut in a curly bob back in May, and dealing with my hair is a struggle. I have the second edition Curly Hair Handbook and pick it up sometimes and it helps sometimes. I would love to just achieve a wash n go and be done.
Last relaxer: May or June 2007
BC: May 10, 2013
Type: 3b/3c
Hair properties: curly, wavy & fine texture; medium thick to thick density; normal porosity; normal elasticity

Current Loves:
Shampoo: Shea Moisture Black African Soap Deep Cleansing, Shea Moisture Moisture Retention, Carol's Daughter Rosemary Mint Clarifying, Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla
Conditioner: Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque
Leave-In: Design Essentials HCO Leave-In Conditioner and Blow Drying Lotion

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