Henna questions

I've been wanted to use henna for awhile now, but have a few questions.

1. Can henna be used to clean my hair?

2. Is there a henna treatment that won't change my hair color?

3. Can henna be mixed with a cg approved conditioner to condition my hair?

4. Can henna be used as a protein treatment?

Thanks for your help.
There is a whole henna thread but answers are:
1. No your hair should be clean before you use it.
2. Research henna gloss, cassia and alma.
3. Some people mix their henna with conditioners and other products. I use henna from Indian grocers that have other herbs like alma in it that are conditioning.
Henna is great, but it is also permanent. I suggest you do a lot of research beforehand. Good websites for this are mehandi.com, hennasooq.com, longhaircommunity...etc

1. Henna wont clean your hair like a shampoo. I would suggest applying henna on clean hair. But I suppose when you cowash it out, your hair will be clean.
2. No, Henna is only red. The final color will depend on how long it is left in your hair. The longer you leave it the darker, more burgundy it will become. Shorter times will be more copper-orange. Also henna is only a stain/tint, meaning it adds red tones to the color you already have.
HOWEVER: Cassia obovata is another plant, similar to henna that provides the same strengthening and conditioning properties without the red. Might add golden tones to hair. Results are not as long lasting as henna
3.You can mix your dye-released henna with conditioner, this is called a henna gloss. It is less potent than pure henna.
4. Henna is considered a protein treatment by itself

-Only use body art quality henna from a reputable supplier
-Do your research and strand tests
-Be open minded to the color you get
-Have fun and enjoy your inner hippie
Fine 2c-3a Curls
Normal porosity/ Medium density
Henna over color-treated hair
Not currently CG
Poo: Pureology hydrate
RO: Pureology hydrate
LI: HSH Tri-wheat spray
DT: Coconut oil
PT: Henna/Cassia
Styler: AG recoil/mousse-gel

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