Natural Hair Oil/Moisturizer

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Always avoid moisturizers that contain mineral oil or any other petroleum based product in the first few ingredients. Mineral oil does nothing but coat the hair leaving it shiny but dry. Some of oils you can use to seal in moisture.
1.coconut oil
2.castor oil
3.jojoba oil
4.olive oil
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Well I think The best Natural hair oils are Coconut oil and Olive oil that have been really really good for our hair . I also use olive oil and coconut oil that give my hair great shine .
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anything with Vitamin E in it, i dont know if you can get it where you live, but i use argan oil, but emu oil is really good as well, its doesnt just coat the hair either, the hair absorbs it, you can expect to see results after about one to two weeks good luck!
Moisturizing hair is as important as deep conditioning to any black person who wishes to have long hair. The natural fats and oils that are in avocados make them a phenomenal natural hair moisturizer.
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This strand has been very helpful. Thank you everyone!!!!!!
Since you live in Baltimore, I would suggest you go to the Oyin Handmade store. They sell some great all natural hair and skin products. You can go to their website ( and take a look at their products. They list their street address on their site if you're interested in checking out their store.
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Try their Hair Dew.
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Co sign on the above posts. Especially about trying Hair Dew. That stuff is awesomeness in a bottle.
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Loving my hair as God intended it to be!!
Coconut oil, jojoba oil(love it for shine), olive oil, avocado oil and almond oils are good oils, and what i love about it is that you can almost find them everywhere.
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Shea moisture the pink label is great it may help.
I agree with others coconut oil and Shea have been wonderful to me but I would also suggest using something that is a humectant like honey or aloe vera as your base... it will help you hair soak in the oils. Kind of like when you get out of the shower and your body is all pruned up from the moisture and it soaks in the lotion better... that's what those humectants do for your hair so give that a try.
Style: Twists as protective style for winter, occassional bantu twist outs.
Weekly: Preepoo w/ rosemary water, honey, coco oil and castor oil. Wash w/ KBB conditioning poo, condition with KBB moisturizing conditioner. Twist with KBB Sweet Ambrosia, Shea and dab of castor oil.
Monthly:KBB Luscious Locks DT. Terressentials detox left hair significantly softer and shinier, now use to wash once every 2 months.
Pink line from Shea Moisture is wonderful. The curl and shine milk and curl enhancing smoothie is great.
I've been doing extensive research on sealing moisture in my hair. You have to start with liquid, then oil and then cream for additional sealing. Liquid meaning water or a liquid based conditioner. Then, use your oil (0live, coconut or jojoba). Last, use your cream. (shea, organics olive oil). I have been doing this method for 2 weeks and I already see tremendous results. Hope this helps!!

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